Staging or Decorating

So here we go, another successful staging for us to complete.

Dining detail AAfter I reviewed my photos I got stuck with this one!

I realize that while I was staging I end up actually decorating! I know there is a thin line between both and somehow – sometimes they are intertwine.

Oh well, I must say I was happy with my results and so was my client!

It is pleasing to visit open houses and get surprised by pleasantly decorated areas throughout the house.

Now I am tempted to “steal” my inventory for my own home to please my eye every time I go by….


Ahoy! I’m Hana Latyn a professional home stager and owner of Euro Staging in Falls Church, VA. Here is where I share my tricks and tips and thoughts related to staging and redesigning. I welcome all your comments and appreciate your time you spend on my blog. 

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